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In 2003, my Aunt and Godmother handed me a gold pocket watch and fob. It had been engraved in 1909 with the relief of the famous “Pharaoh’s Horses”, and belonged to her father, my grandfather.

Right then I decided this family heirloom would launch my next business, a horse jewelry design company named Tempi Design Studio. “Tempi” means change, and I planned to work towards a new dimension in Horse and Equestrian Jewelry Designs. “Studio” kept my connection of the Dental Laboratory Studio I owned and operated for so many years, where detail and custom made was a daily task.
My work conveys a new dimension in the wearable art world. As an emerging artist, with a lifetime passion of animal art, I strive to capture the enchantment of my subject in an accurate but charming moment. Initially carved in wax, then cast by the lost wax method.  My unique creations capture horses, dogs, cats, foxes, birds, nature and nautical themes.
In addition, I love custom orders of an owner’s beloved pet, a company logo, or a particular breed of animal. These one-of-a-kind or limited edition commissions keep my creative juices flowing.
This new website launch begins with the Equestrian Designs, and other designs will be added very soon.
You don’t have to love Horses to love Tempi!!
Eileen Catherine Marie




Eileen studied at UK and began her original career in a dental laboratory. Working under a microscope allowed custom fit and design for each dental prosthetic. The tools and equipment from the dental business made the conversion to jewelry designs simple.  She retired after 24 years from dentistry and launched Tempi Design Studio, artisan created jewelry and accessories. Her unique skill sets in metallurgy allow her to imagine, design, create, and manufacture on site in her private studio. Her unparalleled skill sets to imagine, create, cast, mold, do production and finish onsite are indeed rare. 

Equestrian Designs are the focus. Eileen’s launch was signature medallion line, a family heirloom piece, reworked to allow copyrights, featuring the ‘Pharaoh’s Horses’. From there, customer requests guided her direction to all the riding disciplines featuring specific horse breeds, proper tack and position of the horse. And Eileen is being well noticed! EQ AM magazine did a 5 page story about her work---Summer 2019 ----as she completed a Saddlebred Series for The Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Each original prototype is first carved in WAX, her “medium”. Drip by drip, carve and add, the wax up continues until it is exactly in her “mind’s eye”. Tempi’s Equestrian Designs have a very unique near 3D raised relief of horses with fine detail of bridles, bits, tack and saddlery.  New designs are added each calendar quarter for him and her. Custom work is Eileen’s specialty, using your Photo or Logo! And, Tempi creates prototypes for other businesses and often manufactures their orders. Many of these designs you will never see or be credited to Eileen, as they belong to another company.  

Tempi’s studio is tucked away on the eastern shore of Maryland. Eileen has taught classes at the Center for the Arts in Centreville, MD.  Tempi  Design has work available in several art galleries, tack shops and catalogues around the USA and internationally. Tempi Creates KEEPSAKES!!  Check out her extensive online store at   For more information and to see some of the custom designs she has completed, look up  .